Kate Gosselin New Hairstyle A Costly Change for Mom of 8

Kate Gosselin’s new hairstyle is a costly change for a mom of 8.  According to reports that have surfaced, Kate Gosselin’s new hairstyle took 20 hours to complete and cost $7,000.  It is not said whether or not Kate Gosselin paid for her new hair style herself.

It can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 just for materials used in the types of extensions that Kate Gosselin recieved. Her hair is blonde and since she’s a “celebrity” the stylist most likely used the highest quality materials possible.  Reports indicate that blond hair – such as the hair used on Kate – usually comes from eastern Europe.

How did the mother of 8 react to the 20 hour do? Stylists are reported as saying that she didn’t complain one time, although they are said to have had a difficult time getting Kate to cut her bangs.

Read more information about Kate Gosselin’s new hairstyle here.

Kate Gosselin’s new hairstyle is called “Kate Clean Slate” by the reality star herself. She recently divorced her husband and lost her reality TV show. Talks about a talk show featuring Ms. Gosselin ceased and it’s unsure what she’s going to do next.

All we know about Kate Gosselin is that she has been transformed.  Her new hairstyle looks a lot different than the short, spiky,and punky look we are used to seeing.

What do you think of Kate Gosselin’s new hairstyle?

    20 Responses to “Kate Gosselin New Hairstyle A Costly Change for Mom of 8”

    1. Kate-B-Gone says:

      Aaaaaaaarg! Enough already. Please stop this train wreck! She offers nothing! Go away, Kate….hair and all.

    2. dessertgirl says:

      Nothing can transform Kate. Unfortunately, she has put every dirty little detail of her life in the media. What sane man will have anything to do with a psycho woman who is now 90% bionic. Will he be afraid to touch her for fear of busting an implant? Will she have to be careful of her hair so as to not lose some of her extensions. She could look pretty tatty after a rough night with her love. She has had fat sucked out of her thighs, belly and butt. She has a gross scar around her belly. She has had Botox. She is HIGH maintenance and her upkeep won’t be cheap.

      What man will want to have such a woman who comes with a lot of baggage — a psycho ex and 8 screaming maladjusted kids?

      Unless she has undergone a major psychological makeover, Kate is toxic, damaged goods. She will have a lot of lonely nights unless she goes for a string of desperate one-night stands. If she couldn’t keep her husband happy, how does she expect to keep a new man happy?

      • Donna Reinhardt says:

        Please give Kate a break…she is a wonderful loving Mother; so things didn’t work out for she and Jon PLEASE there are always two sides to every story, Bless you Kate for hanging there.
        Continue with great success in your future on whatever it takes to care for your adorable children..I miss your show!

    3. Nikki says:

      I refused to watch the show when it was on because of Kate – she was absolutely horrible and constantly emasculating her husband, acting the complete tyrant. It sickens me to think that so many women looked up to her because she is a mother of 8. Having 8 children does not make a person a good parent nor partner, which is obvious due to all that has come to light in the past few months. I’m just wondering when I can start paying attention to the news, magazines and internet again and not throw up a little in my mouth when I see her face flashing all over everywhere.

    4. jennie says:

      kate never pays for anything! it seems there’s still no one home taking care of the 8 children. no wonder they all need therapy. jon and kate please go away.

    5. Donna Reinhardt says:

      You look adorable with your new hair extensions..but then again you would look beautiful however you wear your hair.
      I hand it to you for trying something new; enjoy!

    6. dessertgirl says:

      Donna, I am certain that Kate can’t maintain her trashy new hairstyle on her own. She is NOT a good mother. What good mother would beat a small emaciated five-year old for blowing a whistle. She was probably just trying to get her mother’s attention but Kate couldn’t stop flirting with Steve. What kind of a good mother keeps a wooden spoon in the door of her van to beat her kids with? What kind of a good mother buys herself a car that won’t seat all 8 of her children? When she takes the kids to the school bus, she has to bring a nanny with a second car.

      No man will want Kate. Jon will not be paying her child support. Can’t won’t be successful in any new show. Unfortunately, she is going to have to give up her mansion and return to reality. SHe will be out changing bedpans before we know it.

    7. an says:

      so what kate got a new hairstyle,lots off people change their
      look after a chapter closes in their life.

    8. carrhof says:

      OMG, you people are so hard on Kate. If you were married to that pig Jon, you would be controlling and b1tchy too. He needed a strong women to tell him what to do. Look what he’s done since the divorce. He has made a fool out of himself, partying and acting like a teenager. He should be ashamed. And you people critisize Kate?
      And her new hair is gorgeous.

    9. Kim says:

      With everything Kate has trashed Jon for she does double. 20 hours to do her hair and 8 kids at home? If she paid for it or not just shows how selfish she is about her trying to look a certain way. First the hair does not look good, second-she should have put that time being a mom. She is always gone. It seems she proves more each day that her trying to transform into one look or another is more important than her children. Shopping, tanning, nails and feet doing going on with her so much of the time. Of course it is ok for mom’s to take SOME time for themselves but good Lord, that is all Kate does. In the best interest of the children, if she really wanted to be a mom and raise them, well-she can not live in a bubble where money is the issue to buy the lifestyle she wants and her only wants. Many, many people have so many more children and raise them just fine with normal jobs and normal homes and normal things in their life. Kate wants the best money can buy and that is her goal, not the children’s normal life. She has traded the children AND JON in for trying to get freebies or money to satisfy her wants for material things. She could not control Jon anymore with the fact he wanted the children off the tv and all other things Kate wanted to make money off them on. Kate has lost control and she will never be wanted in the viewing tv world or any other for that matter. She has ruined any chance the children have at careers also. The only thing she has not taken away is the respect for Jon because we all know she abused him and the children to the point Jon had no choice to go on with the actions she has been doing for years against all moral and values a good person has. She may have some fortune left but never has had fame that would lead to being a star of sorts. She will be remember for being a hateful, selfish person who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted and in the end never get it. She has a long road of heart ache ahead and disappointment. The problem is, all this time and money she is spending chasing her own selfish wants around and maybe the bodyguards to is that the children are paying for all her selfish mistakes. In the end she will lose the children to and she put it all on herself. New year new Kate, um-no New Year same old Fake slate Kate Gosselin trying to impress herself. Jon is done with her, what man would not be? I guess she is lonely, people will use her like she uses them at one point and probably already are. Karma has got her bad, really bad and it shows. She is what she is and that will never change, she will never be a subject good people want to watch. Her future books will fail to. Her future trying to get a tv show will fail, the public will make sure of that with all rights to do so. She has scared children by being such a mean person. Look up to her, no way-turn her off and boycott everything she does is the only way to keep our children on the right path of life. She is a horrible person with no moral and values period. She should go to Iraq or something and take a good look because she might just appreciate all the good she had before she went crazy and caused her family to tear apart, a monster is what she is!

    10. Lisa says:

      LOVE the new hairstyle! Now she needs to let her natural hair grow out so she can keep the look. I don’t really follow her or her show etc. but I DO think the new hair makes her look a lot prettier.

    11. Kareen says:

      How a Mom of 8 finds 21 hours and $ 7,000 for fake hair is a puzzle to me.
      Not even long hair can change self absorbed Kate.

    12. Curran says:

      Just another desperate attempt to kept Kate in the spotlight. Her hair is so fake and choppy looking. And I seriously doubt Kate herself paid for the extensions. TLC probably did this as a publicity stunt to lead into her new show. I just don’t understand what they see in this woman! She has no talent, and it was her 8 kids that people tuned into watch on JK+8. Her PR people are seriously feeding her a bunch of bull!

    13. meganc says:

      Where were Kate’s children during this twenty hour hair makeover?? It is a shame that this woman is still being talked about. Who is she?? A sorry excuse for a mother, TWENTY HOURS??? Kate has NO room to speak badly of her husband when she leaves so much to be desired. What is it going to take to make this woman realize that she is not a star, she has no talent and does not belong on television or in magazines?!?

    14. Susan Gage says:

      I will say she looks much younger and very pretyy. I never cared for her weird long in the front, short in the back doo. That said, I think it is time for her to stay home, perhaps work a real job, and focus on her family. In no way do I think she is a bad mom. I think she did a fine job of juggling kids, home and camera crews. However she is definitely a type A person and failed to treat Jon with the respect he needed and deserved. Jon is partly at fault for taking it though and being so laid back. Now Kate has suffered the loss of her husband and her ideal happy ending. Perhaps she has learned from this. Don’t we all make mistakes as newlyweds or 20 year olds? The trouble with today’s culture is couples don’t stick it out and mature together as they become more thoughtful of each other and less self-centered. I hope Kate re-marries much later down the road, right now she should focus on the children and forgo any more lengthy visits to the hair salon.

    15. Awildone says:

      OMG…. What a freak show she is….. Enough of her and them already. If she really was a caring loving mother she would stop spending so much time on herself and be spending the time with her children.

    16. Kareen says:

      Now Kate looks like she just stepped out of bed and didn’t comb her hair.
      Maybe she should spend some time looking after home and kids

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