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2010 CES: Consumer Electronics Show Excites Consumers

2010 CES: Consumer Electronics show excites consumers.  The 2010 CES is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada and there are over 2,000 exhibitors showcasing their amazing inventions.  The show kicked off yesterday (January 7) and will continue on until Sunday (January 10.)

There are many things that consumers are excited about this year.  For one, ever since Avatar hit the theaters, consumers have been talking about 3-D.  Well, at the 2010 CES there are plenty of exhibitors showcasing 3-D devices for both computers and Televisions.

Imagine watching your favorite movie in 3D right in the comfort of your own home. Maybe the technology isn’t as far off as we think.

On the go, and can’t watch TV? Some companies are creating phones that have the capability of streaming your favorite TV shows.  This would make life more enjoyable for those that have long commutes on trains and subways in large metropolitan areas.

Tablet PCs are also somewhat of a big hype. Kind of a cross between a laptop and an iPhone, a tablet PC will make computing even more portable.

There’s also word that Skype could be teaming up with TV manufacturers to bring forth the capability to telecommute right in the comfort of your own home.

Today, innovations are making our lives easier and easier. It is interesting to see the many inventions that are surfacing, and getting insight as to what could be in store for our future.

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