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Colt McCoy Injury Update: Draft Consequences, Injury Details, and More

Colt McCoy injury update: draft consequences, injury details and more are available.  Colt McCoy took a helmet to his throwing shoulder during the first few minutes of the BCS Championship game against Alabama.  The backup quarterback had to take the reins for the game, yet the loss of McCoy is said to have shaken the team up enough to cause a loss against the Crimson Tide.

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So what’s new for Colt McCoy? There are many out there that are curious how his injury could affect his chances of becoming an NFL Football player.

Bleacher Report indicates that McCoy was never estimated to be one of the first players snapped up during the NFL draft. Many estimate that he will be chosen somewhere between the first and third rounds. 

His injuries may affect how scouts think of him. He will have to prove that the injury won’t affect his throw, that he can take a hit, and that the problem won’t become a recurring one.

Some players may benefit from last night’s injury. One name that is being thrown around is that of Tim Tebow. It’s said that he falls within the same estimated range as McCoy, and now with a shoulder injury Tebow may become more attractive to the scouts, but who knows. These things can be unpredictable.

So far, there’s no reports that indicate that McCoy will have to have surgery.  Post-Game, he said that he wasn’t in pain but that he couldn’t feel his arm. Could it have just been a temporary feeling, or is there underlying nerve damage? Word of this may not surface right away.

Yahoo News reports that in the locker room with his father, McCoy couldn’t make a 7 yard pass to his own father.

Garrett Gilbert had his chance to shine during the BCS Championship. He was off to a rocky start, but threw both a 44 yard touch down and a 28 yard touch down.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of Colt McCoy after his injury, and what Garrett Gilbert will accomplish during his next three years at Texas.

    10 Responses to “Colt McCoy Injury Update: Draft Consequences, Injury Details, and More”

    1. palak says:

      texas should have one because the alabama team had gotten lucky becasue mccoy horns was out!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nance says:

        In reguard to palak, did you mean one as in one loss, or won the game. You have Texas mentality and education tatooed on your forehead. Bama won and is still the top team in the country, with McElroy, that transferred from Texas.

        • Jessica says:

          Nance, I am not sure referencing McElroy’s Texas roots supports your point. First, if you’re insinuating that all Texans are uneducated and unintelligent, that isn’t saying much for the rigorous academic standards The University of Alabama applies when granting admission to students. Second, it would stand to reason that McElroy gained some football training in Texas prior to joining the Tide. Otherwise you’re saying Bama will accept the mentally deficient and unskilled into their institute of higher learning. This is further proven by his Texas high school football winning record that proceeded his winning college career. I suppose he didn’t come to UT because Mack Brown recruits team leaders, not team managers. Lastly, I agree Palak’s sentence doesn’t show a strong command of the English language, in fact it is atrocious, he or she was very likely still trying to shake off the utter confusion brought on by the first few minutes of last night’s game. It is also possible Palak suffered a stroke during the first quarter, I know I almost did. Enjoy the crystal football while you have it because I am certain Texas will bring it home again very soon. 2010? 2011? and/or 2012?
          P.S. Regard is spelled without a U and you missed a T in tattooed. I wonder if that was subconscious.

    2. Brian says:

      I played soccer so I know whats going on!!!!!!I was on the same plane as you! I was flipped upside down is all180 degrees!!!! I was i my high school senior year….hoping to catch a break!!!! But I still want u to know!!!!! I am 31 yrs old. . . ..but family is ALL ITS WORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Linda says:

      Alabama is an awesome team, and still would have won even if McCoy had played. There is no stopping their defense and they are just going to get better. People underestimate how good Alabama is. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!

    4. BigTexas says:

      Alabama got lucky…they let a freshmen QB that hasn’t had hardly any playing time bring the game back to within a fieldgoal. Alabama only won because Mccoy got hurt. if he wouldnt have he would have scored on that first drive and Alabama would have been scwered. and to linda people underestimate the heart and talent of texas and thats what makes you a real champion…HOOK ‘EM HORNS!!

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