Kate Gosselin New Hair: Kate and Long Hair vs Short Hair

Kate Gosselin new hair: Kate Gosselin with long hair is creating a stir.  Previously known for her short reverse mullet, Kate Gosselin has had extensions added to her signature short locks for a brand new look.  After all, she deserves a new look – she is embarking on a new part of her life.

Kate recently changed her hairstyle this summer, when she let it grow out a little and wore it in a semi-crimped way.  In the past, the back of Kate’s hair was really short and spiky, while the front of her hair angled down to her jaw.

Kate’s signature haircut was made in to a very popular wig that was a sell-out at many stores this year during the Halloween season.

Kate Gosselin has had it rough the past summer.  She and Jon Gosselin had a very public divorce.  TLC was going to transition “Jon and Kate Plus 8” to “Kate Plus 8” , but Jon thwarted her attempts.  She was then going to co-star in a new talk show, but that show got canceled.

Now, Kate Gosselin is starting over.  She underwent a 20 hour makeover, where she received extensions.  Kate Gosselin’s new hair took 20 hours to do, and the stylist said that Kate didn’t even complain once.

What does the mother of eight think of her new look? According to the New York Daily News, she says “”I know this will be more upkeep than my old look, but I’m ready for it. I’m just grateful I don’t have to go through the awkward growing-out process of short hair. I get criticized for everything I do enough as it is!”

Kudos to Kate – her new hair is great, making her a hot mamma of eight.

    4 Responses to “Kate Gosselin New Hair: Kate and Long Hair vs Short Hair”

    1. JJ says:

      The funny part..maybe not so much funny as ironic…is now she looks more like the Kate that Jon fell in love with. Personally, I think that”s just what he is struggling and looking for in other women.

    2. Nikk says:

      $7,000 hair extensions? Come on get real. Wasn’t Kate the one complaining when her show got cancelled that she needed that nmoney to support her children? She already had a lot of money from the first 5 seasons of her show and she does all this stuff for “self improvement”. How much of the money has she spent on the kids? I bet if Aaden or Maddie or any of the kids for that matter asked for somehthing that was a couple hundred dollars she would “not have the money”. Really Kate, get real. Spend less time worrying about your appearance and a little more time worrying about taking care of your kids.

    3. Nikk says:

      That is so true…she probably did on purpose to torment Jon or something. He’s better off without her anyway

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