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Casey Johnson Adopted Daughter After Death of Mother

Casey Johnson adopted daughter after death of mother: What will happen to Ava now that her adopted mother is dead? Ava-Monroe wasn’t even really in her mother’s care at the time of the tragic death.  She was in the care of her grandmother Sale Johnson and her former NFL star husband. 

Casey Johnson’s adopted daughter is from Kazakhstan.  Johnson adopted her about two years ago.  Since then, family has been concerned over the welfare of the child and it is even said that child protective services has been called out in the past.

Casey is said to have only spent 1o minutes or so a day with her daughter, and then leave her in the care of nannies.  Still yet, people close to Ava-Monroe thinks she is relatively well adjusted.

Casey Johnson is the late fiancee of reality TV show starlet Tila Tequila. She was found dead, and there isn’t an official cause of death ruled.  Johnson could have been under the influence of drugs, she could have died because of the diabetes she suffered from, or it could have been something else.

How is Tila Tequila holding up? Word has it that she and Nicky Hilton got in to a cat fight over some dogs.  Click here to read more about that story.

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    1. ladyanne says:

      Regardless of the facts that Cadsy Johnson was suffering from dysfunction, addictions, illness of physical and emotional, this super rich JOHNSON SNOB FAMILY, should have let her have snough to survive on, food, electricity, the basic essentials. What they did to this poor woman, was ‘aid and abet’ in her death. They should all be held accountable for the death of Casey. What they did, by not even allowing this poor woman enough money to basically survive is absolutely SHAMEFUL. shame on this johnson multi-rich family for killing this woman


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