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Pacquiao vs Mayweather A Continuing Drama

Pacquiao vs Mayweather is a continuing drama. The fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather is something that boxing fans all over want to see transpire.  Why? Pacquiao is deemed pound-for-pound the best fighter in the league, while Mayweather used to hold that distinction before heading in to retirement.

Well Mayweather’s back and he wants blood – but first, he wants to test that blood. Floyd Mayweather Jr and his camp have requested that Manny Pacquiao take an Olympic Style blood test for noticing if he is under the influence of performance enhancing drugs.

Pacquiao thinks having blood drawn so close to a fight will make him weak, therefore he would rather take less strenuous drug tests in lieu of the requested tests.

That’s all fine and dandy, but you have to take in to consideration that Mayweather posted statements on his Web site that accused Pacquiao of using such drugs. Now, Pacquiao is suing his could-be opponent for damages in excess of $75,000.

So will the fight go on? Who knows.  So far, the two sides have been in negotiations for two days. There’s no word if the fight will take place on March 13th in Las Vegas or not.

If the sides can agree, both fighters can walk away with up to $40 million each.  This is a lot of money to give up over a spat over a few drops of blood.

Will Pacquiao be the one to finally strip Mayweather of his undefeated status, or will Mayweather show everyone that he’s still pound-for-pound the best fighter in the league? We will just have to wait and see.

    5 Responses to “Pacquiao vs Mayweather A Continuing Drama”

    1. Angry Boxing Fan says:

      I am slowly losing INTEREST with this fight.

      But I’ll give it one more day.

      After that I will never open anything that relates to this Match.

      I am serious. Damn it!!!

    2. james says:

      i read so many post since these drug test started! , it’s B#llsh*t that fraud ask for it when he never did from his all previous opponents. trying to play these mind games and end blowing in there face along with DLH. why now! it just show you they are scared of the pacman. suddenly all these fraud fans is all about being fair when fraud is the one cheated MM when he came in 2lbs heavier in agreed weight. now he’s all about fairness! what an #ss. pacman never failed a drug test with all his fights, even agreed on the test theyre asking for right after the fight in the locker room. i think pacman should fight somebody else dont give fraud chance of making money off pacman. fraud will NOT make the same money he will be making in this fight. in a few years he will be broke AGAIN! with the gambling problem. ha!

    3. Sifufor says:

      Mayweather made a grandstand by announcing his return to boxing the day before the Pacquiao-Dela Hoya fight. When Pacquiao manhandled Dela Hoya and forced him to quit sitting on his stool and subsequently retire from boxing, I sensed that right then and there Mayweather regretted his decision. Before he retired, he had barely outpointed Dela Hoya. In fact, many thought the split decision was ill-gotten. When Pacquiao proceeded to demolish Hatton in just two rounds a few months later, I sensed that Mayweather was panicking. Not hard to understand why. Before he retired, he had struggled with Hatton; only in the late rounds was he able to take control. Then, when Pacquiao repeated his one-sided assault on Cotto, whom Mayweather purportedly had been ducking along with Mosley and Magaritio, I think that was when Mayweather made up his mind that no way was he going to fight with Pacquiao no matter what the cost! As Larry merchant suggested, Mayweather values his perfect record more than anything else. That’s how big his ego is.
      Mayweather Sr didn’t help to dissuade his fear when he remarked after the Cotto fight that he didn’t think anybody can beat Pacquiao because, as he insinuated, and this is how it all got started, Pacquiao must be on something. Do they believe it? I don’t think so. But Jr was really discouraged to hear his own father compare Pacquiao to superman. His own father was virtually saying “you gonna get your ass whupped, son!” It was at this point, I believe,that they came up with idea to impose Olympic-style blood testing, as a way to stop the fight.
      Pacquiao should have rejected the blood test without comments as it was not within the normal procedures. He had passed every standard test in all of his previous fights. Unfortunately, he remarked that blood test right before the fight would weaken him. Mayweather pounced on it, making Pacquiao suspect. To show that he was clean, Pacquiao offered to take the test right after the fight. Mayweather refused the offer because it would mean getting into the ring with Pacquiao. I believe that, should Pacquiao relent and agree to blood testing before the fight, it would throw Mayweather off guard, and he would quickly come up with still another demand- just to remain in disagreement. I’ll be watching

      • objectivity says:

        Unfortunately, both sides are to blame. They both have made silly or weak arguments supporting their positions. The main issue I struggle with is this – I would never turn down that kind of payday for a simple blood test dispute. Both sides are cleary questionable because they are both willing to do so. I think expert opinions regarding blood tests and which types of illegal performance drugs can leave your body system within days would certainly help for me in drawing a conclusion. Favoritism should not blind us. Let’s please stay objective regardless of who we like.

    4. daman2465 says:

      Mayweather like someone’s post said. “Just pee and fight” and stop all the Bullshit!. Floyd fought many times under Nevada commission rules and their drug testing format and he never have any problem before. Why now? Is he just making excuses to avoid fighting yet another boxer he is afraid of? Mayweather will be known as the great ducker of boxing.Like Dana White said.”Pacquiao passed all the drug test from his previous fight and never been dirty, I never heard of a fighter setting new rules for the other fighter its crazy. We have the Athletic commission do all the drug testing” Floyd cannot make his own rule for one fighter and for one fight only its rediculous! Latest news as of 1/07/2010. floyd mayweather jr. vs. pauli malinaggi
      march 2010

      the p*ssy vs the douche bag

      “a match made in heaven”


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