People’s Choice Awards Air At 8/7c Tonight

The People’s Choice Awards air tonight at 8/7 c.  The People’s Choice Awards is the first award show of the year.  So who will win the various People’s Choice Awards? Well, unlike other shows the judge will you, me, and everyone else that decides to chip in and offer his or her thoughts.

Dexter is up for a People’s Choice Awards and after the season finale of Season 4, I can’t even imagine what season 5 will bring (spoiler alert).  Who would have thought that Rita would be killed by the Trinity Killer? Who would have thought that Dexter’s only son would lie in a pool of blood – just as he did.  Will he teach Harrison all of the things his father taught him about killing and not getting caught? Or will he hang up his scalpel – at least temporarily.  Until the show airs again, Dexter’s getting my vote.

As this post is being crafted, stars are arriving on the red carpet for the People’s Choice Awards.  Rascall Flatts and Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls have already arrived at the show.

The star studded event is a great way to spend your eventing relaxing and unwinding. There are many people that are very excited to see who will win.

Here are some of the tweets that are going off right now:

Oh wait. People’s Choice Awards aren’t on yet… There’s still hope that my choices made it to the ballot box.  @Tim101

My car officially is effed up, and my boss is stressin me. But I left work early anyway to watch a live taping of the people’s choiceawards @simplechristy

Red Carpet at the Peoples Choice Awardsis a zoo! @PompousMario

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