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Tiger Woods Latest: Rachel Uchitel Always Texted Tiger and Is Woods in New York?

Tiger Woods latest: Rachel Uchitel constantly texted Tiger, and is Woods in New York? Ashley Samson, the informant who broke the news of the Tiger Woods scandal to the National Enquirer said that on a trip to Spain, Tiger and Rachel were constantly talking or texting.

Samson went on an all-expenses paid by Uchitel trip to Spain to “entertain four men.” During the trip, Uchitel and Woods stayed electronically connected.  Samson got $25,000 from the Enquirer for her story, although Tiger Woods’ camp offered her $200,000 to stay quiet.

I would have took the $200,000 but that is just me.  Look at how the scandal has blown up! There’s even word that Elin is preparing to file for divorce in California, and that she plans on claiming half of Tiger’s earnings while they were married.  She’s hired Hollywood divorce attorney Sorrell Trope (at least that’s what some reports indicate).  Trope has represented Brittany Spears, Nichole Kidman, and Nicolas Cage – among other stars.

Is Tiger Woods in New York? There is word that Tiger has been spotted in New York City at the Trump Tower. Word has it that he was seen with a leggy blond and that there were cases of Red Bull and Vodka delivered, as well as a block of rooms  sectioned off. Still, there’s been no images of the Tiger snapped.

But hey – if you see Tiger Woods snap a picture of it and shop it around.  You could earn $300,000 you know!

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