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NFL 2010 Draft Order: 10 Bottom (Top) NFL Teams for Draft

NFL 2010 Draft Order: 10 bottom (top) NFL teams for draft. There will be 7 rounds of NFL draft picks and today the top 10, which is really, in essence, the bottom 10 teams in the NFL.

Now why would the 10 not-so-great teams get to make the first draft picks while Super Bowl participants have to pick last.  Well, can you imagine the NFL if the best teams always got the best players? Competition would likely wane.

That being said, here are the first teams to pick in the 2010 NFL draft:

1 St. Louis Rams
2 Detroit Lions
3 Kansas City Chiefs
4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
5 Cleveland Browns
6 Washington Redskins
7 Buffalo Bills
8 Oakland Raiders
9 Seattle Seahawks
10 Denver Broncos

The standings are per

How does the draft work? There are 7 rounds, and the first round has 10 minutes for each team to decide, the second has 7 minutes, and the last rounds each have 5 minutes. Teams that take too long risk losing their draft picks.

Some think that Tim Tebow will be among one of the top draft picks, however that is debatable. His running game is rather unorthodox in the NFL – imagine how bad he would get pummeled by an NFL defensive lineup!

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