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Michael Jackson ‘Another Day’ Available on the Internet: Michael’s New Song Leaked

Michael Jackson “Another Day” is available on the Internet.  Michael Jackson’s previously unreleased song has been leaked, and fans are very excited.  This is one of the first post-thumous songs of the artist that has been leaked or released.

‘Another Day’ is a collaboration between Michael Jackson and Lenny Kravitz.  It’s got Michael’s signature vocals and a nice pop feel as well.

The leaked video is actually a brief clip of a song that is less than two minutes long.  Kravitz said in letter posted on, “I got to work with Michael on a track that has not been released and it was the most amazing experience I’ve had in the studio. He was funny. Very funny and we laughed the whole time. I also saw what a beautiful father he was. He was a beautiful human being.”

Click here to view the Michael Jackson “Another Day” video

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    1. A lot of of what you point out is supprisingly legitimate and it makes me ponder why I had not looked at this with this light previously. Your article really did switch the light on for me as far as this particular topic goes.


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