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Tiger Woods Update: Wife Elin Divorcing Tiger? $300 Million Makes Suggestion

Tiger Woods update: Wife Elin Woods divorcing Tiger? A $300 million payout reported by Radar Online makes a stunning suggestion nearly a month after the Tiger Woods scandal started.

Elin reportedly spent her birthday skiing in the Alps, with her closest friends and family.  She was living it up on her 30th birthday and wanted everyone to take break from the mess that her husband caused.

So are Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren getting divorced? An ABC report indicated that a divorce was ‘100 percent’ certain, although later reports indicated that Elin really didn’t know what to do about the scandal.

So far, there’s no indication that the couple are divorcing. It could be a lump sum payment from Tiger to his wife to set things up financially separate. Elin Nordegren recently purchased a home in her native Sweden, although some reports have pointed to the possibility that the sale had been in the work for months.

There’s still no word on where Tiger Woods is. There are many speculations and rumors, although they are mostly unsubstantiated.  Tiger will resurface when he feels like it, and then maybe he will let the world find out what happened.

    3 Responses to “Tiger Woods Update: Wife Elin Divorcing Tiger? $300 Million Makes Suggestion”

    1. sandy jaso says:

      Elin is a fool to stay with a guy who has been with at least 18 other women. No amount of money makes up for that; and what does he offer to his kids? Nothing.

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