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Tiger Woods Latest: Elin at the Slopes and Cops Inspect Tiger

Tiger Woods Latest: Elin at the Slopes and Cops inspect Tiger.  Everyone wondered where Elin Nordegren spent her 30th birthday, and reports are surfacing stating that Elin Nordegren Woods spent her day at the slopes.  While Tiger Woods’ world was falling down around him, she was in the resort town of Chamonix in France.

I’ve been to Chamonix, and it’s nice – and I didn’t even go during ski season and I know I couldn’t afford to stay at the 5,000 GBP per night resort that Elin is said to have stayed at!

In the same breath, Elin Nordegren wanted to spend her birthday away from the Tiger Woods scandal, and although she’s very upset about what happened she is said to still see a future with her husband.

You can’t help but wonder what type of future it will be without some of his multi-million dollar sponsorship deals.

Tiger Woods also allowed the Florida Highway Patrol inspect his person. Reports indicate that contrary to original reports, Tiger met with police at an undisclosed location.  When they issued his citation, they inspected his person and didn’t note any of the “serious injuries” that an email released by Furman Bisher explained.

Tiger Woods is also said to have been photographed with an alleged mistress by a security camera. It is said that The National Enquirer is going to release two grainy photos that were snapped.  Will this action open back up a fire storm of alleged mistresses? We will find out around January 11!

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