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Tiger Woods Update: An Update About Tiger’s Car Accident

Tiger Woods update: Remember Tiger Woods’ car accident? Who could forget? Tiger’s car accident is in need of a serious update after reports surfaced today.  In the past, it was believed that Tiger avoided the Florida Highway Patrol in the wake of the November 27th car accident, and that all correspondence went through his attorney.

However, new reports indicate that Tiger Woods not only met with authorities but also showed them his injuries.  Reports state that all he had was a fat lip.

One thing that sounds strange is this: remember what the headlines were when Tiger was in the accident? “Tiger Woods seriously injured in a car accident.”

Where do the “serious” injuries come in? A fat lip is hardly serious.  An account by a sports writer indicated that Elin beat Tiger with a 9 iron, and if that were true then one could understand the “serious” injuries that were claimed. The account places Tiger in recovery from cosmetic surgery.

Today was Elin Woods’ birthday, and Wednesday was Tiger Woods’ birthday. Both are Capricorns, which means that they probably aren’t compatible.  Click here to see if Tiger and Elin are more compatible than Tiger and Rachel Uchitel.

Tiger Woods also lost his AT&T sponsorship and is still under the scrutiny of the public in general.  When Tiger plans on returning to the world of professional golf is still uncertain.

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