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Tiger Woods Latest: Tiger and the Police, Rachel Uchitel claims ‘no contact’ with Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods latest: Tiger Woods and the police are reported to have met three days after his November 27th car accident in order to get his ticket.  This contradicts the account that Tiger Woods was involved in a violent altercation with his wife that left him with facial lacerations, a broken cheek bone, and missing teeth.

Furman Bisher, a world renowned sports caster published a letter he got from who he believes is a “credible” sports journalist that claims that Tiger was swept away to Arizona to have cosmetic surgery.  Of course, the Woods camp isn’t going to want to let this get out if it is true, and it’s highly unlikely that the true story will ever surface unless Tiger himself wants it told.  Being that he’s a very private individual, that is unlikely.

Although the accounts given by Furman Bisher make a lot of sense, there are many holes in the account, such as indication that Tiger’s neighbors didn’t note extensive injuries in their reports.

It’s also rumored that Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel remain in close contact even after the scandal broke. Some reporters even say that sources have indicated that Tiger and Rachel were seen together at a party in Palm Beach around Christmas.  It’s well known that Rachel Uchitel has been in Florida for the last few weeks, and there’s a lot of speculation that she’s there to see Woods.

Gloria Allred, Rachel Uchitel’s attorney, told gossip site Radar Online that Rachel has had no contact with Tiger Woods.  Her exact words were that her client has “had absolutely no contact with Tiger Woods for quite some time, and has not seen him or had any communication with him since she has been in Palm Beach.”

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