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Casey Anthony Update: Casey Could Face Death Penalty for Caylee Anthony’s Death

Casey Anthony update: Casey Anthony could face the death penalty if convicted of first degree murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony.  There are a lot of issues in the Casey Anthony case that are very peculiar, and those following the story of Casey and Caylee are anxiously waiting for the trial, which will take place sometime in 2010.

Casey Anthony was Caylee’s mother.  When the young girl disappeared, it was about a month before Casey alerted authorities that her daughter was missing.  During the time the baby girl was missing, her mother was seen partying it up and didn’t seem all that concerned with what is going on.

It wasn’t until about this time last year that the remains of a young girl were found near Casey Anthony’s parents home.  It was then revealed that the remains were that of Caylee.

Casey has been charged with 10 counts of fraud in addition to being charged with the first degree murder of her child. It is said that she wrapped the baby’s nose and mouth with duct tape and then left her in a swampy area to decay.  These indications are very disturbing, to say the least.

Recently, Casey Anthony’s defense tried to get the possibility of a death penalty thrown out. However, the motion was denied and the death penalty remains in play.

Florida has only put two women to death.  One woman was charged with killing a business man and was implicated in the disappearance of other men. Another woman is also known as the “Black Widow” and was charged with killing her husband in cold blood.  She also received a life sentence for drowning her son.

There is one other woman on death row, and she is charged with burying a couple alive. Whether or not Casey will receive the death penalty has yet to be seen.

Casey hasn’t seen her parents in over a year.  She’s all alone in jail.  Her trial is said to begin in the summer of 2010, although it’s going to be interesting to see where the trial will take place.  Those in the Florida area where the crime happened are very familiar with the case.  Then again, so is everyone in the country.

No matter the outcome of the trial, nothing will bring Caylee Anthony back to life.  The little girl that dazzled the world singing “You are my Sunshine” will remain nothing more than a memory.

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