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Tiger Woods Update and Latest: Alleged Mistress Rachel Uchitel Opens Ups and It’s Tiger Woods’ Birthday

Tiger Woods update and latest: Rachel Uchitel opened up today.  It’s also Tiger Woods’ birthday, which makes it a prime day for updates.  For the first time since being spotted in Palm Beach, Florida Rachel Uchitel has opened up to reporters.

If you want to know all the juicy details of the alleged affair and find out where Tiger really is, don’t count your chickens before they hatch! Rachel Uchitel, in a very Gloria Allred-ish move told reporters that she had “no comment” about their inquiries.

Frustrating, isn’t it? But remember, Uchitel is said to have received hush money from Woods, and that means she can’t really say too awful much.

Today is Tiger Woods’ 34th birthday. There are many rumors about where he may be spending the day, including a rehab facility in Arizona, recuperating from cosmetic surgery, or at a house near another world renowned golfer.

The Tiger Woods scandal all started shortly after The National Enquirer broke a story about Tiger Woods allegedly sleeping with New York VIP hostess Rachel Uchitel.  After that, a bizarre single vehicle accident took place on the day after Thanksgiving, prompting rumors that Elin Nordegren found out about the alleged affair and went berserk.

Tiger hasn’t been seen in public in about a month, and there’s no word of where he is. He’s taken an “indefinite leave” from golf and has even lost some of his sponsors.

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