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Reille Hunter’s Love Affair With John Edwards

Some time back I had covered the National Enquirer scoop of catching John Edwards at an odd hour in the hotel where Reille Hunter was staying.

The NE reporters had, at that time, claimed that John Edwards when caught, had locked himself in the men’s room and was being guarded by security who disallowed access by reporters.

I was pretty sure its true and had even expressed an opinion saying so.

Now of course, John Edwards has publicly ackowledged that he had an affair with Reille Hunter but thats that.

Its interesting to note how John Edwards paid off Reille Hunter with hundrers of thousands of dollars for making 2- 21/2 minutes videos that Reille Hunter uploaded on youtube to promote John Edwards campaign. Outrageous amount by any standards.

My bet is even public opinion is going to be against John Edwards as not only was he cheating from his wife, but at the time his wife is passing passing through medical hardship time of battling against cancer.

This episode with Reille Hunter is most likely going to sound a death knell for John Edwards’s public and political career. Having lied for so long when asked repeatedly about this affair in the past, there is going to be substantial trust deficit and a public office is all about trust. Lose that and you might as well kiss everybody good bye.

I don’t forsee any negative impact of this on Obama campaign but John Edwards will find himself politically isolated for the time being.

John Edwards has a duty to his wife and whether he is forgiven or not by his family is their internal matter. All we can say is, its time to move on.

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