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Texas Tech Coach Suspended: Alamo Bowl Will Go On Without Mike Leach

Texas Tech coach suspended for the Alamo Bowl.  Texas Tech has suspended coach Mike Leach after a complaint filed by Adam James.  James claims that the Texas Tech coach mistreated him while he was recovering from a concussion received at a December 16th game. 

A source from ESPN claims that Mike Leach told a trainer to  “put James in the darkest, tightest spot. It was in an electrical closet, again, with a guard posted outside.”

Sounds pretty wicked, doesn’t it? Texas Tech is taking these accusations very seriously, which is showcased by the coach getting suspended for the Alamo Bowl.

The surprising thing about this story is that Adam James, the alleged mistreated player’s father works fro ESPN.  Can you imagine that type of bad press a coach would get for these types of actions?

The other side of the story is that James was allowed to go to the closet because it was darker and cooler than other places.  It will have to be investigated whether or not a guard was placed outside the door.

The school must think that there is at least some indication that these claims could be valid.  After all, we are close to a bowl game.  Suspending the coach for the bowl game could prove very detrimental to the school.



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