Brooke Mueller Sheen 911 Call: “Charlie Has a Knife and Threatened to Kill Me”

Brooke Mueller’s 911 call has been released.  Brooke claims that Charlie Sheen had a switchblade in his back pocket and threatened to kill her. The operator tried to keep Brooke calm.  If you listen to the audio, which is available on Radar Online, you will hear that Ms. Mueller Sheen was slurring her words just a wee bit.

It’s no secret now that Brooke and Charlie were drinking before they had their argument.  Brooke is said to have had a blood alcohol content of .13, and Charlie had one of .04.  If Brooke did call the cops and stretch her story, she could be in a lot of trouble.

Charlie Sheen was arrested and released on $8,500 bond.  He will have to appear back in Colorado for a February 8th court date.  At that time, we will learn more about the issue.

The whole incident is so sad.  The couple’s twin sons are less than a year old and it is their first Christmas.  Now, when they look back on their childhood they will see reports that their parents had a huge fight on that big milestone.

Domestic violence has become more and more common in the media.  There were recently rumors that Tiger Woods’ car accident was caused because of a domestic violence incident.  This is just allegations, but it’s awfully sad how this has happened.

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