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Tiger Woods Official Website Forum Closed After Comments on Woods Grow Out of Hand

Tiger Woods’  official Web site is closed after commenting grew out of hand about Woods’ scandal.  The forum was left up, and then after all the negative comments grew to be too much, site administrators shut everything down.  The comments were left as is for the first few weeks of the scandal.

What type of comments were left for the golfer? Here’s some from

“You are a laughing stock – just another arrogant athlete who thought he could get away with anything … your image was nothing but a fraud”

“You are such a piece of garbage … good job wrecking your family, butthead.” 

Ouch. Harsh words – but many people are very upset about what is going on with the golfer’s life.  Ever since the rumored affair with Rachel Uchitel blew up in to a car accident and then a storm of women – including two porn stars – the golfer has gone from golden to … well, tarnished.

The golfer’s book “How I play Golf” is coming out in audio book format and you can order it for…get this…Father’s Day.  Yeah, that’s right.  The timing of the release of the audio book was planned months before anyone could have ever dreamed that Tiger would be caught by his tail.

People are charged about the Tiger Woods scandal.  Facebook fan pages are popping up everywhere…including my personal favorite “I did not sleep with Tiger Woods” which boasts 40,000 fans and counting.

It’s been reported that the golfer’s popularity has plummeted.  Many people that were avid fans are now disgusted.

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What’s next for the golfer? He’s been very quiet ever since the November 27th car accident started the whole downward spiral.  There are varying reports that say he is getting a divorce, and then there are other reports that his relationship status is uncertain.

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