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Tiger Woods Update: Tiger’s Father and Belief Marriage ‘Unnecessary’

Tiger Woods update: Tiger’s Father and beliefs that marriage is unnecessary could be partially to blame for the golfer’s recent scandal.  Sunday’s New York Times featured an article discussing a conversation that someone had with the late Earl Woods. 

Words of wisdom did the Tiger’s father give him? He said “marriage is unnecessary in a mobile society like ours.”

Now that makes a lot of sense.  Everyone is pointing at sexual addictions or emotional turmoil over his fathers extramarital activities as the reason that the golfer has had 13-15 alleged affairs (depending on what reports you read).

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Parents instill in their children an inherent belief system – it’s how we grow and learn.  It’s why children oftentimes act like their parents.  Once, Tiger’s ex girlfriend from high school came forward and gave an interview where she told the world that Tiger “called her crying” over her dad’s unfaithfulness to his mother.  This is the first indication that maybe his socialization was a little different than the norm.

What does this mean for Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren? Does Tiger think that marriage is really unnecessary, but yet partake of it because of the way it makes him look (which now, isn’t so great.)

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Keep tuning in for more and more Tiger Woods updates.


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