Kat Von D Without Tattoos: A Different Look for LA Ink Tattoo Artist

Kat Von D without tattoos? That could be likened to a doctor without a stethoscope or a lawyer without a briefcase.  Kat Von D without tattoos just isn’t … well … natural.

Kat Von D is the tattoo artist behind LA Ink.  She was introduced to the world when she was cast in Miami Ink, but because of creative differences (and she really didn’t fit in to the Miami scene) she moved back to LA and opened up her own shop.

Kat is one of my favorite tattoo artist.  Although I do not have even one Tattoo, I always have said that if I ever took the plunge, it would have to be Kat Von D that would do the tattoo.

Kat Von D was featured in an ad campaign for Sephora cosmetics.  She was promoting her line of tattoo cover ups.  Face it – there are places and times where you just might need to hide that tattoo.

There are two pictures of the tattoo artist without her signature artwork.  There is one that looks like an amateur photoshop job, and then there’s a professional looking photograph that was re-touched by Sephora.  It is said that the one that looks like an amateur photoshop job was taken right after the artist put on her concealer. Click here to view the pictures.

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