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Tiger Woods Latest: Tiger’s yacht not ready? Costco Employees Can’t Corroborate Story

Tiger’s Woods latest includes information that Tiger’s yacht Privacy may not have been as ready for sail as previously thought. It was rumored that Tiger was setting sail for the Christmas holiday, while his wife and kids were headed for Sweden.

It looks as if Tiger Woods never set sail, and it also appears as if Tiger never stocked up for a cruise.  Local Costco employees cannot corroborate stories that the golfer loaded the boat for a cruise.

“Privacy” is the name of Tiger’s boat.  It is the same yacht that Tiger and his wife Elin honeymooned on back in 2004. It would be quite ironic for the golfer to escape his scandal on the same boat that he honeymooned with his wife on.

Tiger Woods has been in the middle of a media frenzy.  He was rumored to be hiding out on “Privacy” and it was also rumored that Rachel Uchitel was spending time in Florida to be near to him.  Some reports placed his alleged mistress really close to where the boat is docked. Gloria Allred had “no comment” as to whether or not her client had been in contact with Woods since the scandal broke.

“Privacy” can go 4,000 nautical miles, meaning that it can cross the Atlantic Ocean without refueling.  If he was planning on making the trip, it seems as if Costco would be able to tell reporters that his entourage stocked the boat.

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