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India Vs. Sri Lanka 4th ODI 2009 Highlights: India, Sri Lanka Both Lack Players

India Vs. Sri Lanka 4th ODI 2009 highlights: India and Sri Lanka were both missing key players during today’s Christmas Eve matchup.  Cricket fans will have to wait until January 4th to see another match in the ODI series.  January 22nd will mark a match-up between Australia and Pakistan.

Five of Sri Lanka’s regulars were missing during the 4th ODI 2009.  This affects the highlights because if these key players were there, the game’s outcome would have been affected.

India was missing both Dhoni and Yuraj Singh, but they still pulled through quite nicely to win the match.  According to Now Public, Singh Dhoni scored 94, Gambhir got a big 100.

The game was exciting, and even more exciting is the Triple ODI series which will take place between Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka on January 4th.

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