Santa Tracker NORAD: All About When Santa Will Be At My House

Santa Tracker: NORAD.  The NORAD Santa Tracker system will help children all over the world know when Santa is going to be at their house.  The Santa Tracker NORAD helps children avoid the disappointment of Ole Saint Nick skipping their home because they weren’t sleeping (you have to be asleep for Santa Claus to come!)

For very important information on tracking Santa, Click here.

For information on how Santa Tracker works, click here.

The same military that helps protect the United States and Canada makes sure that our favorite Christmas character remains safe in our skies.  Fighter jets even make sure that they escort Santa and keep him safe from obstacles – such as the Grinch.

Before you go to bed tonight, have your mom and dad click here and help you see where Santa is.  Then, head for bed and when you wake up you will have lots and lots of presents.

Merry Christmas!

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