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Pope Knocked Down at Christmas Eve Mass: Woman Knocks Down Catholic Icon

Pope knocked down at Christmas Eve mass? Sounds like an SNL skit, doesn’t it? It’s not.  The rumors are true and a woman knocked the head of the Catholic church over while he was at the Christmas Eve mass in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Video footage taken at the incident showed a woman in a red hooded sweatshirt rushing the Pope as he went down the center aisle to begin service.  He got back on his feet with help from those in the crowds and is said to be unharmed after the incident.

The woman is said to be mentally unstable, and was arrested by Vatican police.  Gasps are said to have rang out when the Pope was knocked over. When he got up, he said “viva il papa” meaning “Long live the Pope.”

This is the second year in a row that there has been a security breach at the Christmas Eve mass. Last year, a woman was able to get close to the Pope but didn’t come in contact with him as security guards caught her.

After the Pope knocked down incident, he was left visibly shaken and had to rest heavily on arm rests during the service.  The service went on without a reference to the incident.

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