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Latest on Tiger Woods: Tiger’s Christmas, Popularity, And More Updates

Latest on Tiger Woods: Tiger Woods is going to celebrate Christmas – just like everyone else tomorrow.  But where will Woods’ Christmas take place? Will he spend it with his family? Is he on a yacht in the deep blue sea?  Is he and his family in Sweden?  The Woods camp has kept mum about the whereabouts of the family – as they should.

I would like to think that Tiger Woods will be spending Christmas with his family, but there is still some speculation that the family isn’t exactly being pieced back together.

Tiger’s popularity has plummeted since the advent of the scandal.  At first, his approvals were in the 80-85% range – now according to Reuters they are in the 30% range!  Is it that he cheated on his wife that has gotten everyone so mad, or is it that he deleted user comments from his Web site?

It’s almost been a month since the car accident outside Tiger’s home left the golfer in the middle of a media blitz.  Since then, rumors of one single act of infidelity have compounded to double-digit numbers of alleged mistresses and more.

In other news, it doesn’t appear as if Rachel Uchitel is pregnant – that was a tabloid report anyways.  I do know this – if a love child does come out in the open, we will probably see his approval ratings drop even lower.

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