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Brittany Murphy Autopsy Photo: A $300,000 Photo Jackpot or Not?

Brittany Murphy autopsy photo remains popular.  The autopsy photo remains something that many people want to see. Even though it’s sort of unethical to parade a photo of a dead person around, there are some reports that an autopsy photo will fetch those who can get it $300,000.

For $300,000 would you release an autopsy photo? As tempting as $300,00o would be, to me – it’s not worth the money.  Brittany Murphy is a person with a family just like you and me.  There’s no reason that anyone should exploit the death of another individual for gain.

Another thing someone should consider before accepting $300,000 for an autopsy photo is if you would want a picture of your dead loved one paraded around on the Internet.  How would you like to see your lifeless wife or daughter spread across the Internet – bloggers and online journalists making money off each click to see her? I don’t think you would like that.

Another photo that is said to have a $300,000 bounty is a photo of Tiger Woods.  Tiger has been in hiding ever since his November 27th car accident. If I were going to accept money to take a photograph of a celebrity, I would rather get the $300,000 for snapping a photo of Tiger Woods rather than exploit the death of someone’s wife and daughter.

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