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Latest Tiger Woods Update: A Dropped Golf Column, Colleagues Knew of Infidelity

Latest Tiger Woods update:  A weekly instructional golf column written by Tiger Woods has been suspended.  Golf Digest is suspending Tiger Woods’ column while he is taking his “indefinite” break from golf.  The column yields Tiger Woods about $3 million per year – and there’s no word if his pay is suspended as well. It would seem as if he wasn’t writing the column, he wouldn’t get the pay but you never know.

Another Tiger Woods update includes information that colleagues knew of Tiger’s roaming eyes.  Swedish Helen Alfredsson, a fellow pro-golfer described Woods as cold, and noted that there was something odd about him.  She also said “in the quietest waters swims the ugliest fish.”

Alfredsson’s account of the golfer is much different than the image he portrayed the world.  Up until about a month ago, we thought he was a wholesome and pure family man.  Sure, everyone slips up from time to time. If the allegations and rumors are true, it appears as if Tiger may be living a lie.

Tiger Woods has been in the center of a media flurry that began after a weird series of events.  First, the National Enquirer broke a story about an alleged affair between Tiger and Rachel Uchitel.  Then, the golfer was involved in a car accident that left him subject to rumors of domestic violence and opened a can of worms full of alleged mistresses.

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