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Christmas Dinner Ideas: Amazing and Delicious Christmas Dishes

Christmas dinner ideas are highly sought after.  For some, there’s a very short period of time between figuring out what dishes to serve and actually making sure they have the ingredients.  Here are some of the best Christmas dinner ideas for procrastinators (like me).

Glazed Honey Ham

If you don’t have the equipment to make a turkey and you need meat that’s easy to prepare purchase a pre-baked ham.  These will typically come with glazing packets and instructions on how to cook the ham. At Wal-Mart, a 5-10 pound ham will cost something between $16 and $25.  For sides, those with small families can purchase pre-made sides that can be warmed over in the microwave.


Chicken is a very simple meat to work with. Purchase frozen chicken breasts in the freezer section of your grocer.  Thaw them, and then bake in a glass pie pan filled with Italian dressing.  This is a healthy option for a Christmas dish. Make noodles or rice to serve with the chicken.

Prime Rib

Prime rib is a holiday favorite.  If you don’t know what you are doing, your best bet is to have this dish catered for you.  If you want to try to make this yourself, purchase a prime rib at the butcher shop.  Cook at 325 degrees celcius until your meat has reached it’s desired temperature. Rare meat is 120 degrees and well done is 160 degrees.  Purchase a high quality instant read meat thermometer to monitor the temperature of your meat.

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