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Tiger Woods Update: Update About Christmas Plans, Alleged Mistresses, more

Tiger Woods UpdatesTiger Wood Update: Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods are in the middle of a media blitz, and where will they spend Christmas? Will the Tiger Woods family be together – as they should be – on their son’s first Christmas? Are rumors that Tiger is setting sail to the Bahamas?  This update seeks to sort out all the facts.

Then again, there aren’t any hard “facts” in the scandal. All there are are reports from “sources” telling media outlets what’s going on.  For instance, a source told ABC news that Elin Nordegren was seeking a divorce, and then come to find out, she hasn’t made up her mind.

There are reports that Tiger is setting sail for Bermuda or the Bahamas for Christmas, while Elin is heading to her native land.  With Tiger taking time from golf to “become a better husband and father”, these reports seem a little inconsistent.

What would I do if I were Tiger? I would spend Christmas with my family at one of my properties – one that no one hardly ever talks about.  The family has several parcels of real estate, so it shouldn’t’ be that hard.

There are also reports that Tiger Woods and alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel are still together.  There were also tabloid reports that pointed to the possibility that Rachel Uchitel was pregnant with Tiger’s cub.

As with many tabloid reports, that one doesn’t appear to be true either.

So where will Tiger Spend Christmas? No one knows.  Think about it – if you were him would you let the word get out?

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