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‘8 Mile’: A Brittany Murphy Film – A Lookback on the Story of Eminem

“8 Mile” is a movie that Brittany Murphy was seen in.  “8 Mile” is the story of how rapper Eminem got his start, and the show gets its name from the road in the Detroit area where he grew up.  In the movie, Brittany Murphy played Alex, one of Eminem’s love interests.

Brittany Murphy was known in part because of this 2002 cultural icon and there were rumors that Marshall Mathers and Brittany Murphy were going to become a real icon.  The only thing that Eminem would ever confirm was that they two became “Close friends.”

Murphy said the following of the rapper: Marshall is … he really … he’s one of the most funny, honest, professional, hard-working actors I’ve ever worked with, if not the most, Such a hard worker, he blows my mind.

Brittany Murphy died at the age of 32 of an apparent heart attack. There are many rumors – from anorexia to drug use to diabetes – and an autopsy is underway. 

Brittany Murphy Dies: Anorexia, Drugs, or Heart Attack?

Brittany’s husband didn’t want an autopsy performed, and this compounded fears of foul play.  At this time, there is no indication that there was any form of foul play.

Brittany Murphy Autopsy: Autopsy Inevitable Despite Brittany Murphy’s Husband’s Wishes

Ashton Kutcher, Brittany Murphy’s ex, Tweeted in her honor last year.  The to co-starred in “Just Married.”  Other stars are very devastated with the loss of the icon.

Read about Ashton Kutcher’s Tweet about Brittany’s Death Here.

AN autopsy is underway and funeral plans for the actress have not yet been announced.

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