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‘SNL’ Skit About Late Brittany Murphy Pulled From Web Sites

A recent “Saturday Night Live” (“SNL”) sketch making fun of actress Brittany Murphy has been pulled from Web sites following her death on Sunday.

Brittany Murphy (AP)

Murphy died on Sunday, apparently of cardiac arrest.  Official autopsy results are not yet available.

The December 5, 2009, sketch on “SNL” had cast member Seth Meyers mention in his Weekend Update segment that Murphy was recently fired from the film project, “The Collar” (in which Murphy’s representatives reportedly said she left the film because of creative differences.) Cast member Abby Elliott then joined Meyers at the desk, impersonating Murphy in the sketch. 

Elliott’s impression as Murphy had her acting disoriented and still under the impression that she was on an episode that the real-life actress hosted in 2002, according to a New York Times report.  “You are not the host,” Meyers told Elliott (as Murphy) throughout the skit.

NBC’s Web site, as well as video sites such as and, pulled videos of the skit ( sometimes pulls videos because of copyrights), which has provoked disagreements among viewers as to whether the video should have been allowed to remain on the Web sites.

Also being debated is whether “SNL” should have performed the skit at all, according to reports.  (Share your thoughts on this topic below.)

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