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Tiger Woods Scandal: Ample Opportunities Await Tiger Woods for Sponsorships

Tiger Woods scandal: Ample opportunties await Tiger Woods for sponsorships – if he’s willing to take them.  While the golfer has lost lucrative endorsements such as Accenture and Tag Heuer, there are other companies willing to pick up the controversial golfer.

Accenture was the first sponsor to all-out drop Tiger Woods.  Reports indicate that they have scrubbed their offices of all evidence that they had a relationship with him.  Needless to say, their slogan will no longer be “go ahead, be a Tiger.”

Tag Heuer, the luxury watch company owned by the same company that owns Louis Vuitton, dropped Tiger Woods as well.

Gillette and Gatorade have both announced reduced usage of Tiger Woods in their marketing campaign. Gatorade contends that their decision to drop Tiger Woods’ “Tiger Focus” sports drinks was made “months” ago, and was purely a business decision.

It has been reported that Corona Cigar Company has offered Tiger Woods a $100,000 sponsorship.  Of course, this isn’t nearly a drop in the bucket when you consider that Woods is used to getting $100 MILLION a year for endorsements.  With his image failing, it’s crucial now more than ever that he build up relationships with new sponsors.

There are plenty of jokes out there about who Tiger’s new sponsors should be. Some say that he should come up with a line of condoms (which I think is a bad idea, as there are rumors that he didn’t like to use protection).

The scandal isn’t over for Tiger Woods.  Everyone is holding their breath, wondering what his biggest sponsor – Nike will do.

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