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Avatar 3D Locations: Avatar 3D Movie Locations Are A Great Holiday Stop

Avatar 3D locations are a great stop this holiday.  Avatar 3D locations will take you even deeper into the depths of James Cameron’s masterpiece.  Avatar has said to be the “future of movies”, and has received mostly glowing reviews.  Of course, Avatar will have its critics – but that’s to be expected even for the best movies. With a budget range in the hundreds of millions of dollars, any money Avatar rakes in will be needed.

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According to Telegraph UK, Avatar is about “a disabled US Marine, Jake Sully, who is sent to Pandora, a moon of the distant Centauri star system, to find supplies of “unobtainium”, an energy-rich mineral. Upon arrival, Jake discovers a world of beauty and innocence, populated by 10-foot-tall, blue-skinned beings called the Na’vi, whose peaceful existence the humans proceed to rock.”

Avatar 3D locations will transport you in to the Centauri star system.  The Na’vi look phenomenal and it’s a feeling like none other to be among the 10 foot tall blue creatures created by Cameron.

There are approximately 3400 theaters showing Avatar, and 2100 locations showing the movie in 3D.  Check for movie locations in your area by visiting Yahoo Movies by clicking here.  IMAX will also allow you to search for theaters in your area so that you can experience Avatar on IMAX.  You can also find tickets through Avatar’s official Web site.

Even with various Avatar 3D locations, the movie still has a hill to climb on opening weekend.  The brutal storms that have hit the northeast could prove detrimental to Cameron’s opening weekend tally.  Still yet, Avatar has a long run in the theaters and there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the film.

Grab your family and head on out to view Avatar at a 3D location. It’s a relatively inexpensive trip that will take you to a fantastic new world.

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