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Chris Henry Funeral: A Funeral for Fallen Bengal Henry Planned for Tuesday

Chris Henry Funeral: Fallen Bengal Chris Henry will be laid to rest on Tuesday.  Henry died due to injuries sustained after he fell out of the bed of a moving truck during an alleged domestic dispute.  Neighbors say that Chris Henry threatened to throw himself out of the truck if his fiancee didn’t stop the truck.  She didn’t stop the truck.

Chris Henry fell out of the back of the truck and died hours later.

Chris Henry was a 26 year old player for the NFL team the Cincinnati Bengals.  His 5 year career was dotted with arrests,  but it appears as if he was finally getting his life in order.  He and his girlfriend were raising three children together and planned on getting married.

Everyone was looking forward to Henry’s comeback from an injury.  Unfortunately that will not be the case.

It has been reported that his funeral will be on Tuesday in Gretna, Louisiana.

So far, there have been no charges filed in connection with Chris Henry’s death.  It has been reported that when Henry fell out of the truck, his fiancee did stop. However, no official cause of death has been issued and the investigation isn’t currently closed.

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    1. kayla says:

      i really didn’t know who was chris henry but i will be respectful and i ‘m sorry that this had to happen to him so young and i feel sorry for the the team and he was going to get married his life was cut short at age 26 so young it must be hard for the team that he played for it must be hard for them chris henry life was short thats sad i bet he was the best player on the team and

      RIP chris henry


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