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Theresa Rogers, Tiger Woods Alleged Cougar Mistress: Did Theresa Rogers Have anything to do with Looming Divorce?

Theresa Rogers, Tiger Woods’ alleged cougarmistress has created a stir. She surfaced and it’s rumored that she was the last straw for Elin Nordegren Woods. Here’s the scoop and scandal behind the newest alleged mistress.

Theresa Rogers was married to her fourth husband a fashion designer when it is rumored she tried to have Tiger’s baby. She gave birth between 2003 and 2004 to a baby that appears Caucasian. No paternity test has been given and it is rumored that Rogers was also having an affair with a Basketball player from Serbia at the same time as woods. Her ex husband is said to be infertile.

It was reported that sources have told ABC news that Elin is going to file for divorce. She’s not in any hurry and wants all the dirty laundry on the table before she makes an agreement or signs anything. It was previously reported that Elin was going to receive an additional 55 million on top of her existing 20 million prenuptial agreements if she stayed with Woods for a total of 7 years. There’s no word of how much she will get if they divorce.

Elin Woods is said to have a deal pending with Nike competitor Puma. Its ironic that as Tiger loses endorsements she picks them up.

Theresa Rogers and Gloria Allred haven’t confirmed or denied any involvement with Woods. There’s also no comment of any potential “hush money” that could have been offered or negotiated. There’s also no word from Woods, who has been in hiding for the past few weeks. It’s rumored that Woods is on his yacht “Privacy” and that he’s still involved with Rachel Uchitel.

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