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Tiger Woods Text Messages: Alleged Text Messages Still Sent to Mistresses

Tiger Woods text messages remain a popular topic.  It is rumored that Tiger Woods sent text messages to at least two alleged mistresses, even after his November 27th car accident. In addition, it is also rumored that despite divorce rumors Tiger continues to be in “continuous” contact via text message.

Given the sheer drama of what has happened in Tiger’s life, don’t you think he would give up any form of electronic communication that could potentially land in the hands of a gossip magazine or tabloid? I guess the old saying is true – a leopard can’t change his spots just lie a Tiger can’t change his stripes.

That being said, maybe the golfer is smart enough to keep the text messages G-rated.  At the time the scandal broke,  Jaimee Grubbs released about 300 text messages to Us Magazine. The contents of the text messages were very racy.

TMZ reported that Tiger Woods actively pursued Rachel Uchitel – even text messaging her – after his car accident.  This is after the tabloid reports surfaced and announced their affair and after the world was already making speculations because of the bizarre car accident.

What can we all learn from the scandal? Don’t text anything you wouldn’t want everyone else to see.  Today it was announced that Satellite program allows users to intercept messages and downloads and store them on their hard drive.  Don’t think for one second that your text messages are safe!

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