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Iron Man 2 Trailer: A Blockbuster Hit Expected, See Iron Man 2 Trailer

Iron Man 2 trailer is a hit online, as many people are looking forward to seeing the sequel to Iron Man.  The movie is based on a Marvel Comic, and the first version of the movie opened in 2008.  It grossed $318 million at the Box Office domestically and $585.1 million total around the world (including the US), on a $140 million budget.  The Iron Man 2 trailer will help all comic fans and Marvel enthusiasts get ready for their next round of movies.

In the Iron Man 2 we see that Iron Man is going to have a matchup with his nemesis War Machine.  The movie opens as Tony Stark, the creator of the technology that created the Iron Man armor, is approached by the US Government.  The government wanted to own the rights to the Iron Man technology.

In the Iron Man 2 Trailer you see a scruffy individual working in a lab.  Eventually, you see that the individual creates the same technology that makes Iron Man tick.  When Tony Stark is racing, the War Machine rips his car to shreds.  What’s Iron Man to do?

The movie appears to be everything that Marvel fans desire.  There are plenty of special effects, destruction, and even themes of love. Gwenyth Paltrow, Robert Downy Jr, and the other actors that make up this cast appear to have done a great job.

View the official Iron Man Trailer 2, which is available exclusively on Apple by clicking here.

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