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Golden Globe Awards: Award Nominees Announced Today for January Golden Globe Ceremony

Golden Globe awards nominees were announced today.  The Golden Globe award ceremony will air on January 17th at 8 pm EST 5 pm PST on NBC.  The 67th annual Golden Globe awards have brought a lot of surprises, as well as some pleasantly expected nominees.

Sandra Bullock received two Golden Globe nominations for her roles in the drama “The Blind Side” and the comedy “The Proposal.”  “The Blind Side” is based on a true story of how a Memphis family adopted an adolescent in need.  He became a Baltimore Ravens Football player.

Dexter, Showtime’s serial killer drama receivedmultiple Golden Globe award nominations.  Among them are nominations for both Michael C Hall and John Lithglow for their roles as serial killers Dexter Morgan and Arthur Mitchell, respectively.

Among the biggest Golden Globe surprises are the nominations for James Cameron’s $230 million sci-fifantasy movie, Avatar.  Prior to Avatar, Cameron’s Titanic was seen as the movie with the best visual effects.  Avatar is expected to eclipse that title.

HBO walked away with the most Golden Globe award nominations than any of the other TV stations that were present.  They boasted 17 total award nominations, whereas their closest competitor walked away with 6.

Justin Timberlake announced the award nominations this morning at The Beverly Hilton at 5:00 am.  Since then, everyone has been excited and the buzz has been on who will win the Golden Globe awards in various categories.

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