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Golden Globe Nominations 2010 List: A list of Golden Globe Nominees Excites Many

Golden Globe nominations 2010 List:  A list of Golden Globe nominees for 2009 will join together in 2010 to see who will win these prestigious awards.  The list of nominees were read off by Justin Timberlake at The Beverly Hilton at 5:00 this morning.  HBO walked away with the most nominations of any of the TV networks present, with 17 awards.  The second most nominations for TV networks came in at 6.

There are many exciting nominations. George Clooney’s “Up in the Air” walked away with 6 nominations.  “Avatar” and “Nine” were also big winners.  It’s worthwhile to note that “Avatar” is produced by James Cameron.  Cameron is the mastermind behind “Titanic”, and up until this point “Titanic” was known as the movie with the best visual effects ever. “Avatar” looks like it is taking its place quickly.

Dexter, which just ended its 4th season last Sunday has multiple nominations.  The season finale was the biggest cliffhanger yet.  While one would have expected that Dexter would have had closure and a happy ending, the unthinkable happened.  Both Michael C. Hall and John Lithglow received Golden Globe nominations for their roles in the series.

The Golden Globes are a unique award ceremony, as both TV and Feature Film genres receive awards. The ceremony will air on NBC on January 17th at 8 EST 5 PST.

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