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Drop the World Lyrics: Lil Wayne and Eminem Released Dropped the World Today (Lyrics)

Drop the World Lyrics – Lil Wayne and Eminem are two rappers who joined together for the lyrical genius that is “Drop the World.”  Weeks after the Lil Wayne mixtape was made available, people are hunting for lyrics to his new song, which features Eminem.  Lil Wayne has remained front and center in the media buzz, as his pending incarceration is coming up soon, and his newly released “No Ceilings” mixtape is a hit.

Eminem, who was also involved in “Drop the World”, is another high profile rapper.  Eminem, who also refers to himself as “Slim Shady” rapped at the 2009 American Music Awards.  The rap he performed included bragging about rape, but the questionable lyrics were overshadowed by a controversial performance that involved homosexual innuendos.

“Drop the World” has a heavy rock influence.  It’s not a song that you will hear when you go to the club, and it’s most likely not something that will hit the top 40 charts.  However, is something that both Lil Wayne and Eminem fans will enjoy.

If you are searching for the Lil Wayne Drop the World lyrics, head on over to this YouTube video.  Keep in mind that the lyrics do include some profanity, so if you are easily offended please do yourself a favor and don’ t follow the link.  This is why I chose not to embed the video in this post.

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