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Tara Reid Playboy Cover: American Pie Actress Tara Reid Poses Nude for Playboy

Tara Reid Playboy pics are going to be hot.   Tara Reid, the actress we all know and love from American Pie, is baring her once-badly-misshapen bosoms in the January/February double issue of Playboy magazine.  Tara Reid is not only known for her role in American Pie, she is also known for her botched plastic surgeries that left her the laughing stock of Hollywood.

Tara Reid had a breast augmentation.  Instead of evening out her breasts and giving her full B cups as requested, the doctor gave her C cups and left her nipples and breasts badly misshapen.  After a wardrobe mishap that was caught in a photo, Tara Reid became the laughing stock of the Internet.

In addition to a botched boob job, Tara Reid also had stomach contouring.  Instead of being left with the look she wanted – a six pack – she was left with a lumpy, bulgy belly.  Reid has since had her bad plastic surgery corrected and has worked tirelessly to ensure that those considering going under the knife do their research so that they don’t end up with the misshapen body that she did.

Tara Reid told New York’s WPIX in an interview that the reason she decided to pose topless for Playboy was to show the world that she had her botched plastic surgery fixed, and that she’s confident.  She’s tired of people only showing the old picture of her misshapen body and wants to give them something new to look at.

Touch Weekly first reported that Tara Reid was posing for Playboy back in October.  They also reported that Tara Reid had already posed entirely nude at a private residence on October 7.  Conflicting reports indicate that Tara Reid isn’t going all-out nude, instead just topless.

Tara Reid’s Playboy shoot was done by Sheryl Nields, and Ms. Reid is featured in a 6 page spread – in addition to being featured on the magazine’s cover.

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