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Snooki Getting Punched: A Brilliant Video See Snooki Getting Punched Here

Snooki getting punched is a viral internet video.  Snooki getting punched happened during the filming of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” It has been announced that Snooki getting punched will not air on MTV’s show.  If you want to see the video where Snooki from “Jersey Shore” gets punched, you can view it below.

MTV will not air the clip of Snooki getting punched at a bar, but will use the footage to promote domestic violence awareness.  Such awareness has been very desireable ever since the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident.

Domestic violence was also discussed after Saturday Night Live aired a parody of the rumors that surrounded the Tiger Woods scandal.  Critics say that the skit made fun of domestic violence, and was inappropriate because Rihanna was the musical star that visited that particular episode.

Snooki getting  punched will remain a hot viral internet video.  It’s not every day we see a man punching a woman at a bar.  Brad Ferro was the man that punched Snooki and he was a gym teacher in New York.  He was arrested and once his employer got wind of the arrest, he was reassigned to a “rubber room”

The Snooki getting punched incident isn’t the only controversy for MTV’s hot new reality show.  Italian-American groups say that “Jersey Shore” showcases negative stereotypes about the Italian American community.

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