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Tiger Woods Infidelity: Infidelity a Culprit behind Gillette Break-Up and Break from Golf

Tiger Woods’ infidelity caused the golfer a lot of heartache.  Tiger Woods’ infidelity will not only affect his wallet, his professional life, and family life, the infidelity will also have horrible ramifications for the PGA Tour. 

Yesterday, Tiger Woods admitted ‘infidelity’ and then announced that he was taking a break from professional golf in the same breath.  Reports that previously surfaced indicated that Elin Woods gave Tiger an ultimatum: me or golf.  Once Tiger re-gains trust from his wife, he should be able to come back – if he wants to.

Tiger Woods’ break from the spotlight may have ramifications for the Golfer’s endorsements.  Last week, Gatorade announced that they were discontinuing the Tiger Focus line.  The decision was made prior to the scandal breaking news.

Gillette has also announced that they are going to phase Tiger out of their ad campaigns. AT&T announced they are “re-evaluating” their relationship with Tiger Woods. Accenture has removed Tiger’s picture from their Web site, but has not commented on why.

Had Tiger Woods’ infidelity not ever taken place, he would still be the golden boy of golf. He wouldn’t have to quit the game that he loves so much in the name of saving his family.  Tiger wouldn’t be losing millions of dollars in endorsements.

What’s next for the golfer? Only time will tell.  One thing is certain, however  – Tiger Woods’ infidelity caused him a world of trouble.  Moral of the story: stay away from infidelity.

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