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Tiger Woods Update: An Alleged Mistress Tried to have Tiger’s Baby

Tiger Woods update includes a juicy tidbit of information.  An alleged mistress tried to have Tiger’s baby without his knowledge or consent.  To be honest, it’s surprising that this Tiger Woods update hasn’t come sooner.  As Tiger Woods is a millionaire several times over, it’s no shocker that some woman would want to have his love child.

Radar Online broke this Tiger Woods update.  The alleged mistress that tried to get pregnant by Woods isn’t named, but Radar Online has the woman’s name and is waiting for a report from her.

The woman wanted to have Tiger’s baby because she wanted to be financially set for life. It has been rumored that Tiger Woods did not use protection on some of his alleged mistresses.

Would it be surprising if a Tiger Woods love child were to surface? Based on the rumors that Tiger didn’t use protection and based on the sheer number of mistresses that have been identified, it’s not unlikely that this would happen.  Some say that it’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when.”

The lady in the Tiger Woods update is older than the pro-golfer and has hired a lawyer to deal with Tiger’s people.  Is there even more hush money in the works?

Another Tiger Woods update includes Jamie Jungers speaking out on the ‘Today’ show. Jungers feels she doesn’t owe Elin Woods an apology.  Jungers also said that she didn’t get anything from her alleged affair with Tiger Woods except for a broken heart.

Elin Woods is also rumored to have given Tiger Woods a difficult choice: the family, or golf.  Elin is said to have told Tiger he can’t tour until their children are old enough to tag along or she trusts him again.


Radar Online

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