Hugh Hefner Dead? Are Hugh Hefner Dead Rumors True?

Hugh Hefner dead? Hugh Hefner, the mastermind behind the PlayBoy empire is rumored to be dead. Rest assured, Hugh Hefner is very much alive.  Hugh Hefner dead rumors sparked today, but just yesterday it was Hef that announced that former “Girls Next Door” star Kendra Wilkinson was in labor.

Hugh Hefner is known as the man behind Playboy.  He lives in California in his mansion with 3 young blond girlfriends – 2 of which are twins.  The Hef is 83 years old.

Mainstream media outlets such as CNN and Fox News do not mention one word about Hugh Hefner’s alleged death, and celebrity rumors such as this have a tendency to fly through the Internet and Twitter like wildfire.  Sites like, which sound authentic but aren’t affiliated with any mainstream media sources, further fuel the rumors.

In 1985 Hugh Hefner suffered a minor stroke, and re-thought his lifestyle choices.  His daughter took over some of his old duties in the Playboy empire, taking some of the stress off from him.

In 1975, his former secretary Bobbie Arnstein was found dead in a Chicago hotel room from an apparent drug overdose.

Even though Kendra, Bridget, and Holly have left the mansion, the E! Series “Girls Next Door” resumed with 3 new lovely ladies, with Crystal Harris taking over Hef’s #1 spot, which formerly belonged to Holly Madison.

Hugh Hefner dead rumors are not true. Hef is very much alive.

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