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Tiger Woods Update: Holly Sampson, Jaimee Grubbs, and Rachel Uchitel Speak Out About Affairs

A Tiger Woods update is wWoods Aarranted, and now that the Tiger Woods update is ready for today, the alleged mistresses are speaking out.  Rachel Uchitel, Jamiee Grubbs, and Holly Sampson all have spoken out. Their stories entertained those following the Tiger Woods scandal, and now that their views are made public, more and more people are talking about the alleged Tiger Woods affairs and looking forward to Tiger Woods updates.

Ok! Magazine and Us Magazine will publish various emails and text messages received by Jaimee Grubbs and Rachel Uchitel from golf legend Tiger Woods. As a result of the alleged emails that will be made public, many are starting to question if Elin Woods’ prenuptial agreement is even valid.  If it’s not, she could stand to get hefty sums from the golfer, even though she did have a prenup in the beginning.

The contents of the Rachel Uchitel emails include travel arrangements and Tiger Woods even dissed his wife.

Jaimee Grubbs claims that she didn’t love Tiger and that looking back, she knew that he didn’t love her.  Jaimee Grubbs also reached out and apologized to Tiger’s wife, Elin.

The Tiger Woods update even includes a video that was released by Vivid Entertainment in May 2009.  The video is pretty much a confession from Holly Sampson that she had a sexual relationship with Tiger Woods.  The video has been picked up by TMZ, and is expected to make its way through other networks as the profile of the case grows.

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