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Tiger Woods Latest Women: Tiger Woods Mistress Count Climbs

Tiger Woods latest women seem to change every day. The latest women include mistresses from a variety of states.  Rumor has it that one of Tiger Woods latest women is a well known British TV personality.  Although 3 of the latest alleged mistresses of Tiger Woods remain anonymous, the fact that there are now 11 women is shocking.

The hands-down most high-profile Tiger Woods latest women is Joslyn James.  Joslyn James is a Las Vegas based adult feature film entertainer that has been alleged to be Tiger Woods’ “full time mistress.” She’s know for “kinky sex”.

Another one of Tiger Woods latest women is a 26 year old cocktail waitress from Orlando.  Tiger Woods lives in an exclusive neighborhood on the outskirts of Orlando, so he most likely met her at one of his favorite local hangouts.  This won’t be the first time Woods found a woman in his own backyard.  Mindy Lawton, alleged mistress #5 that surfaced on Sunday morning was an Orlando area waitress at a Perkins restaurant. 

One of Tiger Woods’ latest women is completely anonymous, but many expect her to speak out in the coming days.  Who could she be? A cocktail waitress? Another porn star?

Tiger Woods’ latest women have brought a lot of drama in to his life.  In addition to likely hurting his wife’s feelings, the latest women have brought forth allegations of Ambien-fueled sex, alleged nude photos, racy text messages and more.

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