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Egypt vs Algeria November 18 Live: An Egypt and Algeria Soccer Game is Exciting

Egypt vs. Algeria November 18 live is upon us.  The Egypt and Algeria soccer game is exciting for fans wishing to see the two Arabian-African countries compete.  The World Cup qualifier between Egypt and Algeria took place in Sudan.  The November 18 live match was so anticipated and represents such a strong rivalry that, according to BBC News, 15,000 Sudanese police were deployed to the soccer game to deter violence.

After the Egypt/Algerian tie, 32 people were hurt and businesses throughout Algiers were destroyed. After Saturday’s tie, a game was set up for today in the Sudanese capitol.

The head of the Algerian football federation told BBC that his Egyptian counterpart is to blame for all the anticipated violence.  He stated “He is the origin of all the events that occurred, including the barbaric aggression that injured… our players”

Of course, it takes two to tango.  What’s no surprise is that the World Cup qualifying match was highly anticipated by both sides. To play in the World Cup means that your soccer team is one of the best in the whole world.  The 2010 World Cup is special because it is the first event of this magnitude to ever take place on the African continent.

Who won the Egypt and Algeria Soccer Game live on November 18?  Algeria did.  They qualified for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa by beating Egypt 1-0.  The head of the Algerian football federation is probably sitting in his chair grinning and thinking about how karma got the best of his rival opponent Egypt.

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